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The  instrument  adds  a  high  precision  testing  device  compared  with  YX-2  model  instrument . It  can  test  the  different  dose  of  X-ray  diffraction, which  improves  the  efficiency  with  lower  cost, especially  used  in research  lab, university  and  factory.
YX-2A:Lest  goniometer  uses  the  single  reflection, with  precision  ±30"  and  minimum  reading  10"
Right  goniometer  uses  pre-monochromator  by  double  reflection, with  pre cision  ±10"  and  minimum  reading  3".
 YX-2B:Lest   goniometer   uses   the   single   reflection, with   precision ±30" and   minimum   reading  10"
Right   goniometer   uses   pre-monochromator   by   double   reflection, with  precision ±10" and   minimum   reading  1".

Technical Parameters
  ● Input power: Single-phase AC voltage with 220V,50Hz,0.3KW
  ● X-ray tube: Cu target, air cooler. Tube voltage: 30KV, Tube current :0-5mA
  ● Counter: Geiger counter
  ● Time constant: 0.1s, 0.4s, 3s
  ● Testing Range of angle : θ=-10°—  50°,2θ=-10°—  100°
  ● Angel reading: the minimal read values marked on degree scale: 2θ:1°,θ:1°;Digital displaying:degree, minute, second         
  ● Angel adjustment: number can be displayed at any angle
  ● Slit range: 4', 5', 6'
  ● Optical Shuttle: manually
  ● Displaying: digital angle displaying
  ● Precision: ±10"
  ● Size:1140mm(L)X650mm(W)X1030mm(H)
  ● Weight:150Kg