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YX-2 Model X-ray Crystal Orientation Instrument

YX-2  MODEL  is  single  crystal  diffraction  type  normal  precision  orientation  instruments, which  are  easy  for operation, with  hig h  intensity, applicable  to  the  test  of   piezocrystal, optical  crystal  and  other  single  crystal  materials.
 Model  YX-2: precision ±30", scale  display, minimum  reading 10"
Other  technical  parameters  are  similar, please  see  the  below   followings

Technical Parameters
  ● Input power: Single-phase AC voltage with 220V,50Hz,0.3KW
  ● X-ray tube: Cu target, air cooling. Tube voltage: 30KV,Tube current :0-5mA
  ● Counter: Geiger counter
  ● Time constant: 0.1s, 0.4s, 3s
  ● Testing Range of angle : θ=-10°—50°,2θ=-10°—100°
  ● Angel reading: the minimal read values marked on degree scale:2θ:1°,θ:1°; Digital  Displaying:degree, minute, second  
  ● Angel adjustment: number can be displayed at any angle
  ● Slit range: 4', 5', 6'
  ● Optical Shuttle: manually
  ● Displaying: digital angle displaying
  ● Precision: ±30"
  ● Size:1140mm(L)X650mm(W)X1030mm(H)
  ● Weight:150Kg