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YX-200 Model X-ray Crystal Orientation Instrument

YX-200  MODEL  is  double  crystal  diffraction  type  high  precision  or  ientation  instruments, which  are  easy  for  operation, with  high  intensity, applicable  to  the  test  of   piezocrystal, optical  crystal  and  other  single  crystal  materials.
Model   YX-200: precision ±10", scale  display, minimum  reading 10"
Other  technical  parameters  are  similar, please  see  the  below   followings

Technical Parameters
  ● Input power: Single-phase AC voltage with 220V,50Hz,0.3KW
  ● X-ray tube: Cu target, air cooling. Tube voltage: 30KV,Tube current :0-5mA
  ● Counter: Geiger counter
  ● Time constant: 0.1s, 0.4s, 3s
  ● Testing Range of angle : θ=-10°— 50°,2θ=-10°  —100°
  ● Angel reading: the minimal read values marked on degree scale: 2θ:1°,θ:1°;digitaldisplaying:degree, minute, second  
  ● Angel adjustment: number can be displayed at any angleOptical Shuttle: manually
  ● Displaying: digital angle displaying
  ● Precision:±10"
  ● Size:1140mm(L)X650mm(W)X1030mm(H)
  ● Weight:150Kg