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ALL-5800A x ray crystal orentation analyzer

The instrument is designed for sapphire ingot to orient to A, C, R, M angles for cohereing, which solves the problem that large sized crystal can not be used to measure multiple angles problem. This product assures the accuracy of big sized crystal’s oriented cohereing’s accuracy.

Technical Parameters                                
●Input current: single-phase AC voltage 220 v, 50 hz
●0-5Ma x ray tube: copper target, air cool, tube voltage 30kv, tube current 0-5Ma
●Counter: Geiger counter tube
●Time constant: 1, 2, 3 gears
●Angle display: on the base of standard sheet or standard bar
●Angle adjustment: special two-dimension clip
●Testing position: on the basis of 0.5mm filler gauge
●Front and gear movement of work platform: electric driven limit and automatic driven limit.
●Up ascend and down descend: electic driven
●Work platform rotation: electric driven
●Opptical shutter: eletric driven
●Outter dimension: 1025mm (length) ×1230(width)×1950(height)