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1. Construction and function of crystal clip
Benchmark platforms: it is fixed on the host machine panel, used for the horizontal platform when testing the sample.The right side of the base platform for locating surface, left platform for clamping .The clip has the screw clamping device.Please put the clip on the horizontal platform when begin to have a testing .
2.Measuring the < A > direction : crystal main reference < A > flat orientation: it can measure crystal rods for 2, 4, 6 inch in diameter, <A> direction θ angle:18.917°(18 ° 55 '00 ") (or according to customers requirement ,use the C or R direction).
①The calibration of instruments: use a standard crystal rod calibration instrument. Crystal (A) θ Angle :18.917 ° (18 ° 55 ′00 ")
②After cleaning up the clip ,and put it on the horizontal platform for adjusting its position ,in order to enable the x-ray exposure on the outside skin of the cylinder crystal ,and fix the screw on the left of rotated horizontal.Open the X-ray shutter ,and let the crystal rotating slow to find the peak .When the μA meter find the best status (i.e the max.value) ,make sure the crystal being static,and fix it tightly.
③Unload the clip from the instrument ,and put it on the grinding plane of the grinding machine.
④Auto lifting test.。

Technical Parameters
●Input power: Single phase with AC 220V,50Hz,0.25kW
●X-ray tube : Cu target ,cooled by fan ,and anode earth
● voltage and current :30kV ,5mA ,being continued adjustment .If using the current is more than 2.0mA ,which may be damaged the X-ray tube insert and enlarge the radiative harm
●Detector: counter . The max. working voltage is DC1000V;Or scintillation counter,the max.working voltage is DC1200V
●Time parameter:1(fast)/2(low)
●Testing angel :θ=18.917°(18°55′00″)
●Main shutter:auto
●Displaying board: radiative rose chart