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The instrument includes double workbench,the left and right workbench can test the 2~8 inch sapphire ingot both,the repeat accuracy is ±3".Also it can test the single crystal angle peak position , which is used for industrial production .
The computer analysis system is composed of the computer and data analysis software. So it can get the angle peak position by processing the peak curves obtained analysis the real-time data ,and display it through the computer screen by table and curves , the general sample testing time is about 20 seconds (scan range ≤2), can be measured in one or more times. Measuring accuracy of the instrument is below ±15", the minimum reading is 1".

Technical Parameters
●Input power: Single phase with AC 220V,50Hz,0.25kW
●X-ray tube: Cu target ,cooled by fan ,and plus earth
● voltage and current :30kV ,5mA ,being continued adjustment .
●Detector: counter . The max. working voltage is DC1000V;Or scintillation counter, the max. working voltage is DC1200V
●Time setting : 1(fast)/2(slow)
●Angle range: 2θ=-10°~120°,θ=-5°~60°
●Angle reading : Digital displaying in  minutes or seconds, the minimum reading to 1",Digital displaying in degree ,the minimum reading to 0.001°
●Angle adjustment :Digital displaying can be set in the any angle.
●Main optical shutter: auto
●Displaying :Angle displaying ,and Ray intensity table
●Comprehensive precision: double diffraction comprehensive accuracy±15″or±30″.(Measured with standard quartz ).
●External dimension: 1132(L)×642(W)×1200(H)mm
●Weight: 300kg