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The configuration of Mobile X-ray equipment
● X-ray tube      ● High voltage cable
● High voltage generator    ● Controller
● Cooling system      ● Device for the X-ray
● Low voltage cable and tube moving & fixing water pipe or oil pipe

T1016B Model high voltage generator
● Standard output:20kV~225kV
● Current:1mA~50mA
● Weight:210kg
● Dimension:790x420x850mm
● Oil insulated transformer

T6000C Model console
● Colorful touch-screen in Chinese, man-machine dialogue
● Animation design, dustproof and waterproof
● PLC control, strong anti-interference ability and high control precision
● It can record the time of exposur ingand stoppingtime, training the machine automatically
● It can preset the kV,mA and time parameter
● Set the parameter by the X-ray tube 's power curve
● Shortcut safety switch and lead door interlock keep the operators from radiation
● Setting time: from 0.1 to 99.8 minute, either theoperator can choose 99.9 minute as no timekeeping status.
 The technology of this product received the China's National patents. 

Al-ZFB-3000 Model water cooler
● Small volume,long life,safe and reliable.
● Low power consume, low noise, green Environmental Protection.
● The advanced wind cooling technology,can keep constant temperature, improve the life of the X-ray tube and the stability of radiation dose greatly.
● Circulate and maintenance is easy.
● It is used for cooling 225kV and under 225kV X-ray tube.
● Flow and temperature control precision.
● The pump adopts imported vane pump.
 The production is applying national patent.