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The high frequency and constant voltage X- ray equipment has these advantages of high stability, high repeatability and prompt response. Especially this product can output direct current and constant voltage making sure high quality of X- ray beam.
The technology of this product received the China's National patents. 

Technical Data
  ● voltage range: 220VAC±10%     ● frequency: 50Hz±2%
  ● input power: ≥5kW
  ● output voltage:20KV-450KV      ● kV adjustment precision:1KV
  ● output current:30mA            ● mA adjustment precision:0.1mA
  ● main frequency:40kHz           ● work period: continuous

Work condition
  ● work temperature:5-40℃           ● work humidity:≤80%
  ● atmosphere pressure:70kPa-106kPa
  ● controller dimension:500×346×80mm(L×W×H)
  ● generator dimension:850×450×860mm(L×W×H)

T7000 model controller
  ● colorful Chinese touch-sensitive screen, man-machinedialogue
  ● PLC control, strong anti-interference ability and high control precision
  ● It can record the time of exposuring and stopping machine, training machine automatically
  ● It can be preset kV, mA and time parameter
  ● Shortcut safety switch and lead door interlock keep the operators from radiation
  ● Timing range: 0.1 ~ 99.8, either can choose 99.9 is divided into the timing state.
  ● It can be programmed. Choosing through one key make the regular repeat works more convenient

H225 high voltage generator
  ● Max. output voltage: -225kV(cathode)、+225kV(anode)
  ● Max. output current: 40mA
  ● Max. output power: 3kW
  ● Insulation method: oil

ZLB-4(YLB-2)model water (oil) cooling pump
  ● It adopts stainless steel pump
  ● Strong power and low noise. It can't be blocked in the water circulation easily because of rust and scale in a long time
  ● The  precision of multifunctional digital temperature controller is high
  ● Strong compressor can make upper limit temperature falls down to lower limit temperature in short time
  ● High sensitive flow meter is safe and reliable. So we can judge whether the flow is big or small
  The technology of this product received the China's National patents.