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The system not only displays the multifaceted 3-D view image of the tested object, but also owns 2-D real-time image function.


it is widely used for spaceflight industry, shipbuilding industry, millitary industry, machinery industry, casting industry, IT, automobile industry and other NDT and NDE fields.


Main functions
●Thousands of layers can be scanned in just one time;

●Various of detectors can be chosen for imaging;

●different flaw's sizes and positions use marked by different colors;

●Analyze flaws and pores sizes, and shows pore histogram;

●analyze flaws thickness

●measure workpeiece’s position, radiatus and angles;


Main technical parameters

●Tube voltage: 20kV~450kV

●Focus size: 1μm~ 0.4mm

●Spatial resolution:0.5μm

●Density resolution: 0.3%~0.5%

●Scan method: cone beam scanning

●Detector: digital flat detector or image intensifier

●Speed of rebuilding images: 1024 x 1024 pixel image in 0.2 seconds