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This system can produce three-dimensional volume data, and 2D or 3D detection methods are also available.


It is wide used to 3D print technique,teaching experiment,biotic experiment,electron device,auto parts,aeronautic and aerospace technology,casting,analogue formation,plastics casting mould,medical treatment project,IT,machinery,military industry,catalysator, jaffaite, molecular sieve,new material etc calling..

Main technical parameters
●Tube voltage: 20kV~90kV
●Focus size:5μm
●Spatial resolution:3μm
●Density resolution: 0.3%~0.5%
●Scan method: cone beam scanning
●Detector: digital flat detector ,
●Scanning speed: 30s~2min
●Speed of rebuilding images: 1024 x 1024 /720 pixel image ,projection 143.5ms, pixel single layer image only use 0.2 second.



Integrated circuit

Coal petrography