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This products adopts our company's independent designed constant tube current control system, completely solves some difficult problems that frequently arising from traditional pipeline crawler, such as battery energy's decrease and film's bad quality. The product's control center adopts  S7-200 type programmable PLC made by Siemens. Its locating system adopts advanced magnetism positioning method,that makes the product have many advantages, such as high integration, big memory, high anti-interference, high security, high sensibility and reliability. 
The technology of this product received the China's National patents.

Main Function
● Inspect the power of the battery automatically ,when battery voltage is low, it will  return in time
● Constant current control makes sure the films coherent
● High precision of tube voltage adjustment makes sure the films coherent
● There are all kinds of protection functions, such as  meeting water,over-voltage,zero voltage, over~current,zero voltage, inspection for battery voltage, meeting barrier, antenna falling off, X-ray generator falling off, over- temperature of the X-ray generator,invalidation accepting, over~power electric machine,  parameters failure, demo setting failure
● Optimum program design  takes  full account of the crawler working condition, avoid damage to internal parts