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Applying fields

● To inspect BGA,CSP and flip chip
● To inspect the welding of PCB
● To inspect all the kinds of battery
● To inspect IC encapsulation
● To inspect capacitance and resistance
● To inspect the flaw of the metal material and dielectric material
● To inspect the inner structure and groupware of the light material
● To inspect galvanothermy tube, pearl and precision apparatus

Main function of image processing system:
● 3D imaging, real-time imaging magnify and shrink.
● Precise measurement of the curve and statistics
● Inspection for the angles, semidiameter, welding ball area, air pore, pore proportion and welding ball coordinate and statistic
● Dynamic store, print, DVD read and write and other output methods

Main technical parameter
● Micro-focus X-ray source
● Tube voltage range:20kV~160 kV
● Tube current range: 0.1 μA ~100mA
● Focus size:1μm, 5μm, 30μm
● High resolution:70 LP/cm
● Magnification:20 times ~3000 times
● The inspect platform can move along x, y and z axes, incline 40 degree