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X-ray Crystal Analysis Instrument

X-ray crystal analysis meter is used for inspect the inner micro structure unkown,for example: single crystal direction,inspecting flaw defects,fix the nature,measure the lattice  parameters,measure the remainder stress and others.

X-ray generator
● Tube voltage:10-60kv controlled by auto- singlechip (lkV / step)
● Tube current: 5-80m A  controlled by auto- singlechip (l m A / step)
● Stability of tube voltage,tube current ≤0.03%;
● Control by PLC module,pre-set parameters and auto-closed by setting time.
● Output rating:3kW
● There is protection device for non-voltage,non-current,over-voltage,over-power,non-water and for over-temperature of tube inserted.

Cooling system
There is cooling system in machine ,no need the external connection of recirculated water,and also display the temperature pressure of water AT the sometime ,protect the flow rate.
It adopts stainless steel pump whose noise is 20 DB who can avoid producing water rust in order to not block X-ray tube inserted

X-ray shield
● It adopts high density and high transmission of light lead glass,so promise the outside dose of X-rays is less than 2.5μ sv/h
● X-ray tube target material:Cu,Fe,Co,Cr,W,Mo(Option)
● rating power:2kW
● Focus  size: point focus(0.1 x0.1),line focus(0.1 x0.1)
● Rating voltage:60kV
● Rated current:80mA
● Camera can choose the one made in China and also choose the one imported.