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Combined multifunctional X-ray diffractometer

 AL-2700 series diffractometer is designed for material research and industrial product analysis,and it is a perfect product which combins the conventional analysis and special purpose measurement.
●The perfect combining with hardware and software system, satisfy with the requirement of different application field academician, scientific research.
●High precision diffraction angle measuring system, obtaining more accurate measurement results.
●High stability X-ray generator control system, and get more stable repeat measurement precision.
●Various functional accessories meet the requirement of different testing purposes.
●Program operation, integrated structure design, easy to operate, more beautiful appearance of the instrument;
X-ray diffractometer is a kind of universal testing instrument for revealing crystal structure and chemical information of material:
●One and many phase identification of unknown sample
●Quantitative analysis of the phase in the mixed sample
●Crystal structure analysis ( Rietveld structure analysis)
●The crystal structure change (high temperature and low temperature condition) of the abnormal condition.
●Thin film sample analysis, including film, multilayer film thickness, surface roughness, charge density.
●Analysis of micro area sample.
●Texture and stress analysis of metallic materials